Buy the New 11-song album, Jangle & Dischord CD here for $10 postage paid.  Or our first album What is your Trajectory? for $10 postage paid or you can buy both $15 postage paid.

Don't be cheap, don't be lazy, this is kind of an old school process we're talking about here.

Back in the day (as they say),  one had to order cool albums from ads in the backs of fanzines. Today it's much easier than that. You come to this website (you're already here), you mail us a check or an Alexander Hamilton (and an Abe Lincoln if you want both) along with your address or you use that uber-convenient PayPal button and pulldown menu and zap us the cash lightning fast and we send you the disc(s)...you wait a week or so (depends upon where you live) and one day you are surprised by a curious package in your mailbox, you rip it open and put the CD in your player and play it over and over again dancing about the room like a giddy schoolgirl, you take the disc over to your computer and rip it for your iPod, and then you take a track and put it on a mix CD for that special someone...Ain't life grand!  Discover the joys of the U.S. Postal Service and take solace in the fact that you're keeping Postal workers from becoming unemployed and going on some sort of shooting spree...

Sonic Bubblegum
54 Corey Rd
Malden, MA 02148

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And yes, we could easily make this available for download on this site, but why would we do that?  For those of you who love your creature comforts of the internet, we have a track you can get instantly, click Listen and get it free...on us....grumble grumble.   Proceed to Amazon.com or iTunes to get the tracks via digital download.